Biography of Kwan Jun Chu



1915 January Born in Pyongbook Tae Chun Goon So Myun Shin Songdong 632 Punji as the youngest of four boys                       and two girls to Namhong Chu and Nam Hwa Kim.

1937 September 23 Married to Kum Soon Kim

1938 April Sent by the Bongchun organization to China and founded a church in the Humam Province

1944 December Graduated from Hwabok Seminary in Dunhyun in the Sandong Province.

1946 April Retuned to Korea from Suhchu in the Kangsoh Province.

1946 June Founded Dan Gae Church in Shindungmyun in the Kyongnam Province.

1947 May Served Namhae Church, in Namhae, in the Kyongnam Province.

1939 September Ordained as a pastor in the Kyongnam Association.

1952 October Became pastor at Kimhae Church in Seoul.

1957 February Became pastor of a Chinese church in Seoul.

1963 October Became pastor of Sangdo Central Church in Ssangdo, Seoul.

1985 May Was honored as Pastor Emeritus.

1985 Became the Associate Pastor of Korean Reformed Church in the Bronx, NY.

1990 Started China Mission organization and continued to visit China annually for seven years and support students         from seven seminaries in China.

1993 October Served as the second President of the Korean Pastor and Elder Association of New York.

1997 Founded New York Hope Presbyterian Church.

2000 February 11 Passed around 7:20AM.


The Great Tree of China Missions

Chairman of Eun Chun Missions? Reverend Bongsoo Park


I currently serve Sangdo Central Church. Reverend Chu was the founder, Pastor Emeritus of this church, I am the second successor. When I first came to Sangdo Church, I was astonished to find that the Reverend was still deeply in the members ' hearts and minds despite his departure of some fifteen years ago. They loved and adored him with great admiration as the days he served this church. How was this so?


This question was immediately answered when I first met Reverend Chu in the US. His high spirituality and faithful character was the answer. Despite his physical illness at the time, I was able to witness the fragrance of Christ through him as he did through out all his life. He loved God with his life. He loved the Church as Christ loved the Church. He held the Missionary Obligation as dear to his heart than of his own life. This all became permanently impressioned in my heart. Many people I know, talk about missions in China and have put a lot of true effort into such cause but have hard time bearing much fruit. So why has the Eun-Chun China Missions, non like others have been able to continually bear fruit? I found this answer when I visited China and the seminary sites, myself.


Reverend Chu clearly understands China and its Churches. He is able to support Chinese missions without challenging the pride of its people and this made them willing to accept his support. He loved the country so much. He visited every corner of China annually for seven years. The Chinese finally saw this and recognized that the support Reverend Chu was offering came from a truly loving heart and not from arrogance. Reverend Chu lived out the Missionary Obligation for China just as Paul devoted his entire life as a great missionary in foreign lands, and Reverend Chu devoted his life to the cause until the day God called him to heaven and as long as he had any strength left to devote.


In closing, I pray that peace be upon Reverend Chu's family and hope that the gospel will work powerfully in China, as Reverend Chu so desired.





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