To the birth of Eun Chun Mission of China



Eun Chinese Mission (ECM) was founded and erected through the passion and zeal of Reverend Kwan Jun Chu who was Pastor Emeritus at Sangdo Presbyterian Church in Seoul, Korea and was the founding Senior Pastor of Hope Presbyterian Church in New York.


He studied and graduated from Hwabok Seminary in the Sandong Province in Korea. In china, he worked with orphans and served a Korean church. Upon his return to Korea he continued his ministry and served a church in the Kyongnam Province and a Chinese church in Seoul for twenty-three years, where he retired as a Pastor Emeritus.

As he retired and with more time to spare, he began to travel between China, Korea, and US in hopes to further his passion for missionary and his lifelong dream cultivate more leaders of faith in China. Soon he was able to establish eight seminary schools in China and financial support to ensure the presence of faithful disciples for the next generation of the church.


For now, Mission to China has been limited to simple financial and resource support centered around aiding Korean minority (poor locals who live close to Korean boarder and are majorly Korean descendant) within China which was even more restricted to coastal areas where travel was legal for outsiders. This was largely due to the China ' s communistic setting where missionary ' s status becomes an issue. It is nearly impossible for missionaries to do their work when religion is illegal. This forced missionaries to enter the country under the disguise of other nonreligious occupations. As such, they are in dire need of our prayer for their safety.


Despite all of these obstacles, Reverend Chu ' s progress has been phenomenal.


In consideration to his mission work in China to foster cooperation between the old Chinese Church leaders and the new leaders to bridge the existing generation gap shall continue on and is set forth as the for-thought and direction to this Eun Chun Mission.




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