Introduction of Seminaries of China



There are currently twenty-one seminaries throughout China. OF them, *there are twelve college level Seminaries (Advanced Level), five Biblical schools (High School Level), and four christian spiritual school (Middle School Level)


In addition, some of the twenty-one schools are divided into sub-categories.

*There are two levels in graduate schools and two levels in undergraduate schools.

As such, the first level consists of schools with four year programs and there are four such seminaries in China: Namkyung, Bookkyung, Sanghae and Moohan Schools. There are eight schools in the second level which have three year programs: Dongbook, Sandong, Sachun, Woon Nam, Ahnhae, Chulkang, Bookun (two year program) and Kwandong.


The six schools in the third level have two year programs: Hahnam, Sungsuh, Kangsuh, Kangsoh, Naemongkong and Gaejoosung. The three schools in the last category have programs only six months to one year long: Honam, Kanmsook and Habook.


* The information on the listed seminaries are 3years old.

* The lower level schools are still considered seminary schools despite their academic differences

* The Graduate schools referred are equivalent to Undergaratuate School in general terms.

* The Undergraduate schools referred are equivalent to High School or lower in general terms.




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