The Method



My life was a bit different from others

I was born Korean yet I have spent good years of my life in China. As Korean I have served in a Chinese Church in Korea. Even during the last phase of my life, I have lived in US dedicated to Chinese missions. Sometimes I am even confused for Chinese, as I have been deeply connected with China all my life. Through all this, God has made it clear that He has given me a special calling for mission in China.


God loves China

As God, in the past have revived Korea, among many others in Asia to become the Nation of faithful and Nation of Churches, I believe that God plans and desires the same for China.

I believe that God ' s eyes are focused on the unsaved people of this world, especially in China. Although China is the most populated country in the world, with 1.3 billion people, less than 100 million believe in Christ.


Many missionaries have used different methods and put great effort to spread the gospel throughout China, just as Hudson Taylor and Brother Ness did in inland China. But now, the Chinese government ' s religious policy no longer allows foreign missionaries to enter China at all.


Beginning in 1990, God gave me a new vision for the mission in China. During my visit to the country in 1991, I realized that the old methods could no longer be used. When I prayed to God with all might seeking what was needed to be done he showed me. I was guided to cultivate seminary students throughout China whom will lead their own people to Christ. Accordingly, since then eight seminary schools have been supported by Eun Chun Mission.


There are now at least seventeen seminary Schools in all of China, some with a four year undergraduate program. Few thousands of students graduate each year from these seventeen schools. I am confident that quickest way to Chinese Misison is through helping these students. Let us not limit our possibilities for missions in China. Let us not just be set in our traditional ways.


í« Now is the Time '

For the sake of Mission in China, every angle and every possibility shall be examined and introduced íŽíŽ . as the time for Christ ' s return approaches urgently.

- Kwan Jun Chu

published in January 1, 2000

(preface, The Blossiming of Chinese Missions )




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